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    We can measure whether your marketing campaign will be successful, whether your upcoming product will make your customers to want to buy it, whether your customers are truly satisfied with your services, or any other question you are struggling with. We have already delivered these results to our customers, and we are highly excited to deliver you exactly the information you require.


    We believe in quality, thus we qualify only the best-in-class technologies and methods measuring both conscious and unconscious aspects of predicted purchases, decision-making, customer satisfaction or any other problem you need to solve.



    Autonomous Research Platform

    The best choice for mass studies where a prompt execution is essential, yet you do not want to bargain with quality. Our Autonomus Research Platform (ARP) both captures conscious and volitional opinions and reveals unconscious reactions of extensive audience in no time. This makes ARP the most reliable and scalable research tool you can imagine. ARP measures, for example, customers's facial macro and micro expressions, pulse, respiration, voice and eye movements via regular video cameras in any given device (iOS, Android and Windows supported).

    Consumer Neuroscience

    The best choice for the most important questions where the large-scale sample is not the cornerstone of the study. Consumer neuroscience (a.k.a. Neuromarketing) is a scientific approach to consumer research based on various brain imaging technologies. Naturally we use only the best-in-class neuroscience technologies (EEG and fMRI) and are able provide reliable results, for example predicting sales numbers of your marketing campaign, new product launch, renewed value proposition, or measuring any other crucial issue of your choice.

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