• The Future of the Research Industry is Here

    Physiological signals like facial expression, facial microexpressions and heart rate are autonomous reactions to a given situation or stimulus.

    However, measuring them with sensors attached to a human body does not fit to contemporary digital, scalable and user friendly business environment. Therefore we developed a revolutionary service platform called Autonomous Research Platform, which measures individual's conscious and unconscious reactions, analyses them and creates a report for you. Autonomously, rapidly and effortlessly.

  • How to measure emotional state and pulse?

    Measurement with bipolar emotions and pulse.

  • How to measure different emotions from multiple persons?

    Measurement with discrete emotions from multiple persons.

  • How It Works


    Upload the research material

    Uploading the material is really easy and user friendly.


    Send a link to a sample

    Send the link the ARP creates via the Platform or any other system you may use.


    Watch the results

    After the sample has watched the stimuli, the ARP analyzes the data automatically and creates you a clear report.

  • FAQ

    We let the results speak for themselves.

    Which operating systems the ARP supports?

    All major operating systems are supported: iOS, Windows and Android.

    Do I need a special camera for ARP measurements?

    No, any given contemporary video camera works fine.

    Will the ARP measure a person's reaction should he/she use eye glasses?

    Yes, eye glasses, contact lenses or neither of them, the ARP measures all reactions.

    How many individuals the ARP can measure at the same time?

    At the moment six persons at the same time, in the future even more.

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    Don't be afraid to reach out. Together we can solve any problem.

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