• Create Better Product and Predict Purchase Behavior

    The "best practices" the brain developed during millions of years still influence our behaviour, playing by the rules valid back then. Therefore, giving the foundation how your customers function even today, measuring brain activity will provide you customer insights unthinkable just few years back. Nowadays we are able to measure precisely should the product, or its design elements, induce willingness to purchase and which elements will conversely push your potential customers away, for the benefit of your competitors.

  • Predicting Purchase Behavior

    We can measure should the product or some design elements result in willingness to purchase or avoid the product. Please see an example video on the left.

  • How It Works


    Upload the research material

    Uploading the material to us is really easy and user friendly.


    Define the target segment

    Tell us who your customers are and we will recruit the sample.


    Watch the results

    After the sample brain imaging, we will analyze the data and create you a clear report.

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